Women Empowerment

Donor: Small Grant Ambassadors Fund Program (NRSP-SGAFP USAID) Duration: 2016 – 2017 (12 Months)

In partnership with partner research organization, Research and Development Solutions (RADS), AHKRC implemented a community based, women-led, health and social entrepreneurship model in which 20 low literacy women (called “Aapis” or sisters) were trained for 3 weeks in skills of entrepreneurship, social mobilization, and health counseling for FP and immunization and further facilitated with additional refresher trainings during the project duration.

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The Aapis were assigned 1000-1500 households, which they visited to create demand for and sell health, infant and childcare and women’s well-being products such as immunization referrals, deworming, chlorine tablets, ORS, nutritional supplements, sanitary pads, basic cosmetics, and family planning. In addition the model worked right from the beginning to create sustainability through establishing a health and employment network to continue these referrals and opportunities beyond the project duration of 1 year. The Aapis worked to collectively organize local women through formation of lane committees called “Nigran Committees”. These Nigran Committees served as information hubs for collective action on local issues that affected their lives.

Target Outcomes

    • 20 women trained as Aapis i.e. social entrepreneurs and role models
    • 400 Nigran Committees for collective action established
    • Aapis were able to generate PKR 1000 – 10,000 per month from sales of products
    • In the intervention area Aapis were able to increase immunization and CPR coverage
    • Referral of 20 men and women for employment, micro-finance and other opportunities.