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Donor: Public Affairs Section US Embassy, Donations, Tayyaba Jamiluddin Aali Foundation, CSR (RADS) Duration: 2017 – 2020 (3 Years)

In September 2017, with funding from Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy and philanthropic donations and the Public Affairs Section IRC, AHKRC opened its Library and Learning Center in Dhok Hassu-Mangtal area, Rawalpindi. The aim of the Library and Learning Center was to enable underprivileged children ages 5-15 years in low income urban slums to access non-curriculum books, digital materials for learning, English and Computer literacy classes, storytelling, mentorships, and guest speaker sessions to broaden their outlook and horizons.

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Story Telling

In its first year, the initiative has reached nearly 1500 children and households with Library services; conducted 517 sessions of English and Computer literacy; with significant improvements in pre and post-test assessment skills; and arranged a combined total of for 23 guest and 42 peer-peer mentorship sessions between schools in Islamabad including the United States Education Fund Program (USEFP) interns. The Library and Learning Center in collaboration with PAS-IRC has hosted visits of 78 local children and introduced them through movies and interactive dialogue to learning and familiarization of global cultures and academic counseling. AHKRC with research partners is documenting the processes of learning using standardized measurement tools and trying to foster long term educational relationships between low income youth and academic institutions in Pakistan.

Target Outcomes

    • 550 English and Computer Literacy classes
    • 25 Guest speakers
    • 25 mentorship and peer-peer learning sessions
    • Career counseling
    • Learning space for girls and women