US Embassy Visit on Earth Day

The Roshan Aaj Library and Learning Center’s overarching purpose at AKHRC is to groom the youth in the community, and expose them to modern day global issues that they might not become aware of otherwise. For this purpose, the Library Center regularly arranges outings for its students for exposure to educational opportunities.

On Earth Day – globally celebrated on April 22nd 2019 – the Library Center arranged a one-day trip for 22 students (male and female), between 7-15 years of age at the US Embassy, Islamabad. The students were briefed about the importance of Earth Day and why it is celebrated each year around the globe. The purpose of this session was to make students aware of the hazardous factors that are affecting the Earth negatively, and what we as humans should do to stop destroying the Earth.

Human waste (chemical, industrial and biological etc.) causes a lot of pollution, proving hazardous to aquatic life. To introduce this topic in a more engaging manner, the famous children’s movie ‘Finding Nemo’ was screened at the American Center, US Embassy, Islamabad. Through this screening, students were led to understand the importance of protecting the natural environment, specifically the protection of the aquatic habitat and aquatic animals.

The session proved to be highly productive for all the participants; students gained an in-depth understanding of the need for protecting the environment. Their attention was consistently engaged through the interactive session, and a screening of the film ‘Finding Nemo’.