Guest Speaker Session: Career Counseling and the Importance of Reading Habits

Since establishing the Roshan Aaj Library and Learning Center, AHKRC has strived to provide exposure to the community through different guest speaker sessions and counseling events. Through these sessions, AHKRC aims to empower and ingrain a passion for learning among the youth and women of Dhok Hassu. The latest learning session was attended by 20 students (up to 20 years of age).

Ms. Sultana Qureshi, an electrical engineer by profession with a passion for social activism, was invited to AHKRC’s Library and Learning Center to conduct an information session on potential national and international scholarship opportunities available for students. Being a scholarship holder herself, she provided an in-depth view on the benefits and requirements for higher education, scholarships and the differences between national and international study programs.

She also stressed the importance of reading in the development of English reading comprehension and writing skills, an invaluable skill in higher education and professional settings. To promote a culture of reading and learning, the Library Center stocks English books for beginners as well as more advanced readers. After the session, all the students were assigned a book to read based on their English language proficiency and interest.

The session was instrumental in providing the participants information about the different career paths available to them – information that otherwise would have been difficult to access. Around half the participants invited were female, in accordance with AHKRC’s overarching vision to promote female empowerment through education and participation in the labor force.