Digital Education Academy (DEA)

AHKRC mission is to empower individuals, households, and communities through access to information, skills, resources, and opportunities. With that goal, Roshan Aaj Digital Education Academy (DEA) and Learning Center was established in 2016. The Academy conducts short courses on digital literacy and provides computer, English and tuition classes to low income, disadvantaged girls and boy between the ages of 5-25 years. The center also has a community library for youth to encourage reading and to provide a safe space for learning and dialogue. Our goal is to provide quality education to adolescents and children, with an aim to increase critical thinking and develop life skills.

Montessori Class
English Class
Computer Class
Tuition Class

Students enrolled in 2020
Graduates (53% males, 47% females) since 2016
Library books
Story telling sessions
Computer classes
English classes