Community Service Day

On 27 June 2019, AHKRC organized a Community Service Day at AHKRC’s Roshan Aaj Library and Learning Center in Dhok Hassu in collaboration with the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). The main aim of the event was to connect the Library Center’s students with students registered with USEFP’s 2- week internship program. With a total 50 participating students aged 14-17 years, the Library’s students had a chance to interact on an almost 1:1 basis with the USEFP students.

As a main icebreaking activity, students were divided into mixed groups to paint pots and plant some edible and decoration plants to make their surroundings greener. Moderators from USEFP and AHKRC were present to ensure that students felt comfortable with each other, steering conversations towards interesting topics to make the activity more fun and appealing.

Our enthusiastic and motivated students at Library Corner and Learning Center made full use of this opportunity and interacted with the USEFP guest students and moderators on a variety of topics, ranging from their interests in different books/TV shows etc. to dealing with the pressures of puberty and study requirements for future educational and career aspirations.

AHKRC’s Roshan Aaj Library and Learning Corner aims to teach students the art of learning, so that they are equipped to work to better their circumstances despite the lack of opportunities available to them. Our goal is to transform these students into productive members of society who play their part in transforming and inspiring the people around them.