The economic participation and empowerment of women is globally recognized as a key requisite for national development. Women’s economic empowerment is the central core of AHKRC’s philosophy of increasing women’s inclusion and participation to achieve their full potential as citizens of Pakistan. AHKRC works to help women develop entrepreneurship skills, access livelihood and employment opportunities, and form community institutions or platforms to engage in dialogue and connect with other partners for guidance and expansion.

AHKRC urban initiatives works with women (and men) using the “handshake or partnership approach” to translate available economic opportunities and resources in the public or private sectors, particularly existing local markets. AHKRC role is to serve as the connector, facilitator or mentor in this evolving process. We do not encourage a culture of dependency which we believe is not sustainable long term. In fact through capacity development and poverty-self assessments we enable women and their households to plan together as to how economic change can be achieved for them, and the required steps and resources. Using research and extension we learn from the communities and rigorously document the change processes, and how it affects or impacts poverty and lives of people.

We work from Monday till Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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ZB427, Muhalla Alamabad, Dhoke Hassu, Rawalpindi.

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