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Poverty Alleviation Policy Papers Series

Monograph No.1

Since the 1960s, major cities in Pakistan have faced an unprecedented rate of urbanization and increasing poverty. As a consequence, an uncontrolled proliferation of slums (katchi Abadis) was seen. The populations of slums lack the most basic municipal services, such as water supply, sanitation, waste management or infrastructure ect. Many approaches have been [read more …]


Rural-Urban Linkages and Dialogue Series

1st Dialogue on Livelihood and Skills Development

With half of the world’s population now living in cities, urbanisation is driving human civilisation
and has been the key driver of prosperity in the past two centuries. However, many new
migrants to the city find that their aspirations take years or even decades to materialise [read more…]

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As per record in papers including the Action Establishment of the Academy for Rural Development at Comilla, it was established in 27 May 1959. At that time, the First Five Year Plan of Pakistan was drawing to a close. The Second Five Year Plan published in 1960 pointed out the disappointing failures [read more …]

PPIF Infographic 1

Family Planning Use by Age

Infographic 1

In Pakistan, Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) is lowest in young married couples. This infographic explores FP use by age.

PPIF Infographic 1

Business in a Box

Infographic 3

The Business in a Box component of the project allowed Noor Aapis to earn a profit while conducting their outreach work. This infographic records average sales and profits earned by each Aapi.

PPIF Infographic 1

Male Engagement

Infographic 5

As the primary decision-makers in families regarding contraceptive usage, men play an important role in FP outcomes. AHKRC utilized male social mobilizers to spread awareness in the male members of the community.

PPIF Infographic 1

FP Use and Parity

Infographic 7

CPR is usually higher in higher parity fertile couples i.e. couples with a higher number of children. This infographic records CPR and unmet need in couples with varying family sizes.

PPIF Infographic 1

Determinants of FP Use

Infographic 9

It is important to look for trends within users and non-users of family planning to determine major factors affecting contraceptive uptake. This infographic illustrates some major determinants of FP use.

PPIF Infographic 1

Positive Deviance Injury (PDI)

Infographic 11

Positive Deviant Inquiry identifies positive role models from within communities and uses them as spokespeople to convince couples to adopt a family planning method.  This infographic captures the efficacy of this methodology in a low-income urban setting.


PPIF Infographic 1

Quarter 1

Infographic 13

This infographic gives an overview of the project targets and achievements in Quarter 1 of the project.


PPIF Infographic 1

Quarter 3

Infographic 15

This infographic gives an overview of the project targets and achievements in Quarter III of the project.


Akhtar Hameed Khan

A Short Profile Of Life and Contribution


Akhtar Hameed Khan

Twenty Weeks In America A Dairy

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Orangi Pilot Project


Akhtar Hameed Khan

Dr. Ahktar Hameed Khan Development Lessons Learnt By Experience

Akhtar Hameed Khan

In Memoriam Ahktar Hameed Khan

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Life and Times of Ahktar Hameed Khan

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Works of Ahktar Hameed Khan Vol 2

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Twelve Reports on AKRSP

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Journal of Rural Development

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Personal Reminiscences of Change

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Islands of Hope

Recollections of Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan

Ganga Jamni Maidan, a personal story describing events in India leading up to the Partition of the sub-content, was written by Akhtar Hamid Khan, the younger brother of Dr. Akhter Hameen Khan in 1952. After many changes, it was printed as a special number of the journal [read more …]

PPIF Infographic 1

Mohalla Level Coverage and CPR

Infographic 2

AHKRC’s Noor Aapis conduct household visits across 16 Mohallas for counseling and service provision. This infographic illustrates Mohalla level coverage and subsequent changes in CPR.

Infographic IV

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Infographic 4

CBT is a talking therapy tool which is used as a counseling methodology to encourage positive norms and behaviors in FP programs. AHKRC tested the impact of extensive CBT counseling on FP uptake, shown in this infographic.

PPIF Infographic 1

Community Engagement

Infographic 6

Engaging the community to normalize discussions on FP, and encouraging positive social norms is instrumental in ensuring long-term programmatic impact. AHKRC conducted various events to this effect, as depicted in this infographic.

Infographic VIII

Baseline Surveys

Infographic 8

Baseline Surveys are important for informing program activities; they provide valuable information on existing practices, preferences and needs within the community. This infographic records major findings from AHKRC’s baseline survey in 2017.

PPIF Infographic 1

Health Care Provider Training

Infographic 10

Demand for FP needs to be linked with appropriate supply channels; qualified HCPs are an essential requirement for effective programming. AHKRC extensively trained HCPs and referred clients to their clinics, as illustrated in this infographic.

PPIF Infographic 1

Project Overview

Infographic 12

This infographic gives an overview of the various project indicators compiled over a one-year period – specifically households visited, counseling sessions completed, and new users of family planning identified by method.

PPIF Infographic 1

Quarter 2

Infographic 14

This infographic gives an overview of the project targets and achievements in Quarter II of the project.

PPIF Infographic 1

Quarter 4 and 5

Infographic 16

This infographic gives an overview of the project targets and achievements in Quarters IV and V of the project, showing a marked increase in CPR (additional users of FP methods) over the program period.

Akhtar Hameed Khan

A Module on Participatory Development

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Orangi Pilot Project Reminiscences and Reflections

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Looking for the Man

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan Remembered

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Remembering Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Works Of Akhtar Hameed Khan Vol 1

Akhtar Hameed Khan

The Works Of Akhtar Hameed Khan Vol 3

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Ten Decades of Rural Development

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Land Of Ganga and Jamna

Akhtar Hameed Khan

Bengal Reminiscences