Noor Aapi Project


AHKRC has identified and hired local women from the locality to carry out the intervention. These women, called ‘Noor Aapis’ visit households and identify users/non-users of contraceptives. They also determine any reasons for the non-usage of contraceptives, and provide CBT based counselling sessions to dispel any fears/ misconceptions.

These Noor Aapis also carry with them contraceptive pills and condoms that they sell to households for their immediate needs. For LARCs, Noor Aapis refer women to private health clinics with whom AHKRC has signed an MOU.

Target Outcomes

•   Increasing the modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR), especially in Long Acting Reversible methods (LARCs)
•   Reducing discontinuation rates among current users

Household Visits
Follow Ups
New Users