Aapi’s Project 2016 –2017

Partners: USAID and RADS

AHKRC developed a community based, women-centered, and sustainable social entrepreneurship model that promotes women-focused economic empowerment in low income urban settlements.The project identified and trained 25 local women from Dhok Hassu as social entrepreneurs. These women – called Aapis (sisters) - went door-to-door to create demand for social good i.e. family planning, vaccination and preventive health services in conjunction with sales of non-health commodities (i.e. women’s well-being products, infant and childcare products, etc). These Aapis also organized regular neighborhood lane group called “Nigran committees” to mobilize local women around family planning, health and sanitation, education, and empowerment.

Aapi’s Project – Continuation
2017 –Present

Partners: RADS & Punjab Population Innovation Fund (PPIF)

Under a grant from the Punjab Government, AHKRC is training Aapis in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) based techniques to overcome instinctive and myth or misconception based refusals for family planning. This allows Aapis an avenue to open a discussion about family planning, its benefits, methods, options, side effects and their management. This approach is supplemented with identification of community households that use family planning and promoting them as local role models in community based discussions – using positive deviance inquiry (PDI) based techniques to establish the use of family planning to change and manage their own fertility as a new “norm”.

Library Corner and Learning Center
2017 – Present

Partners: US Embassy

Acknowledging the need for safe spaces for young women and girls, AHKRC is developing a model for a Library Corner that enables a culture of reading, storytelling, English classes, and practical literacy in women and school age children in low income communities. The platform will enable informed dialogue and debates on diverse topics of peace, tolerance, diversity, harmony and cross-culture understanding that allows young people from marginalized communities to become informed and empowered citizens.

Mental Health Clinic
2017 - Present

Partners: Nust

AHKRC has established a mental health clinic in Dhok Hassu with the collaboration of NUST’s Department of Behavioral Science (DBS). The clinic has a shared faculty with AHKRC that is available for training, mentoring and quality assurance. Currently, trained psychologist from DBS has started working with Aapis and our regional staff to help them with communication skills including encountering, recognizing, and managing behavioral issues during their community visits and sessions.

We work from Monday till Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Regional Office

ZB427, Muhalla Alamabad, Dhoke Hassu, Rawalpindi.

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