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Akhter Hameed Khan Archives

A person with innate qualities, intellect, and vision, depth of knowledge, understanding of religion, academic work, poetic muse and a mission to help the suf­fering humanity can be nobody else but the man of principles and high thinking-Akhter Hameed Khan.

The profile of this person makes a writer have doubts because doing justice to the man of his calibre is something that one cannot be sure of.

Shoaib Sultan Khan Archives

We have an historic collection of Shoaib Sultan Khan, Chairman National Rural Support Programme. There are more than 1500 office folders having thousands of important letters, e-mails, faxes, NFRs and reports from office of Shoaib Sultan Khan. We at AHKRC Library are digitizing all the material so that it can be accessed through internet. This collection can be accessed by two methods: