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Airing video documentries

A private TV channel is willing to give free air time to show 150 sec documentaries of innovative community level initiatives. This would be a Public Service message and each selected documentary would be shown on all the news bulletin for one day. Then it would be placed on you tube through their and our (Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Centre's) web managers.

Guidelines for submitting video documentaries on Micro development

Please submit a 1000 word concept note on the video clip as per guideline. You will be asked to produce the video clip after approval the concept note. Guidelines for developing the concept note and video recording are as follows.

1. This video documentary series will be called Micro Development.
2. Your narrative should focus on one problem/ issue that has been solved by your organization.
How the problem was identified? Who was interested in solving this problem? What was the motivation and expected outcome?
3. One specific geographic location and community that benefitted from this solution.
4. What solution or intervention was introduced e.g. forming community organization to pool
resources to avail a service; a low cost technology; partnership with government; improved management of a facility; an inexpensive financial package for delivering a service; improvement of skills, establishing linkages with the market etc.
5. One single important outcome- what is happening now that was not happening before.
6. Financial feasibility and sustainability explained through numbers.
7. You should describe the process, partners, outcome and the message.
8. Total duration of the video should be 150 seconds plus another 150 seconds for community voices.
9. Video will be screened by a Committee of consisting of AHKRC and TV channel experts.