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Akhter Hameed Khan Peotry


Once in a while, forget about the sorrows of the world;
Open the windows and let the cool breeze blow in.

Kings have built a thousand cities
Now let the poor make one too

The soil of your field is rich with gold
Let me plant a tree of love here

Cheers to you for the soft whispers about the joys of meeting
As for me, let me relish the pangs of separation

My expression will ooze sweetness
Allow me to tell the story one night

In a moment of confession I said, "by God I love
you" She reacted sharply, "let bygones be bygones"


Neither have I greed nor a vested interest
Neither a preacher, nor a scholar, nor a leader am I On the dusty path am I sitting like a spectator
A wanderer and a free saint am I

Those who go by racing to their destination
Look at me and ask," who are you, oh home­wrecker"
Where is you destination and what is your purpose?
A verse, a smile is my only answer

What I have craved and looked for a long time
Is a rare pearl, no where to be found
Sometimes I turn to the West and sometimes to Arabia,
My restless heart does not let me sit in peace

When I felt heavy with the company of friends
My wild nature made me turn to the forest
The sad midnight song and agony at the crack of dawn
Was my only solace and companion

Sometimes the northern wind played a tune with my heart
Sometimes the morning stars woke me up

Sometimes I have slept in the love's lap
Driven by a drifting cloud or moon like thorns

Blessed by the wealth of roses, lilies and tulips
My pockets are forever full and I am rich now
Living in a beautiful ambience of thought and verse
I have translated abstract into mirror of reality.

A single verse provides a solace hundred times over
Like a drop of honey carries in itself the heart of the young garden
Like the saffron scent symbolizes the beauty of Kashmir
Like a scent emanating from the naval of a deer is a clue to the fragrance of the jungle.

I have lighted a lamp to provide an outlet to the fire burning in my chest
I felt the pain in my heart only then did create the lotus
I have found leisure in the midst of countless avocations
Like a lotus rising to the water surface

My verses are not a commodity for sale in bazaar It is a wealth of thoughts and a saint's prized possession

I have witnessed many a viscitude
Now I deserve a glance from my beloved.


Neither do I know the beginning nor the end
But one has to walk on path unknown

Neither a caravan, nor a leader, nor a call of the drum
Nor do I know the final destination

While the others are busy filling their pockets with flowers
I know the reality of flowers and how many can I take

In my view this is a meaningless play
A luxury that has no bearing or purpose

God has given me a heart whose worth only He knows
Only He knows whether it is a pearl or an empty shell


By night sky was overcast,
Grayish clouds drifting by lightly
At dawn the drizzle started to fall
Giving life to buds of lotus

Sunrays kissed the clouds lending a red tinge to the clouds
Gardner embraced the trees with joy With brimful eyes intoxicated by the beauty of the garden.

I have put in my heart's labor in the garden
Earth in now made a bride by my careful tending

God let this garden blossom forever
With your rain of kindness.

Separation is hard for loving hearts
But there is no escape from the inevitable journey

Time has come to part
I will go away singing