The Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Center (AHKRC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization working on urban poverty reduction through economic & social empowerment and health & education promotion. AHKRC was founded in 2010 (under Societies Act 1860 and accredited by Pakistan Center of Philanthropy) to honor the memory and vision of the great social scientist and development practitioner, Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan (1914-1999).

The organization follows the participatory, bottom-up development approach of Dr. Khan of empowering individuals and communities, particularly women, through self-help, collective organization, and access to savings.

AHKRC partners in low-income urban slums and settlements of Rawalpindi/Islamabad area to find local and sustainable solutions for poverty reduction and household well-being and serves as a connecting hub for information, skills, resources and opportunities.


Our work is centered around 3 fundamental premises:

  1. A bottom-up approach to development: Communities know their own issues and solutions – the main barriers are access to information, resources, skills, and opportunities.
  2. Inclusive development: Urban slums can become drivers of prosperity if residents of urban slums, particularly women, are engaged and their social capital is developed.
  3. Women’s economic empowerment: When women have the opportunity for income-generation, this creates positive ripple effects in other domains of society (e.g. household improvements in family planning, immunization, nutrition, and school enrollment; equitable decision-making between spouses, increased confidence and agency in women, improved social and gender norms, etc.) and leads to social good and overall prosperous societies.