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Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan, an outstanding social scientist of our time, was recognized globally for his pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of poverty alleviation through social mobilization. His remarkable achievements include his work at the Rural Development Academy in Comila (Bangladesh), the Daudzai Integrated Rural Development Programme (IDRP) in NWFP and the famed Orangi Pilot Project in Karachi. He emphasized that no country could prosper unless the poor were made an integral part of the development process.



The principal objective of the AHKRC is to promote a macro and micro level understanding of the causes and processes of change in the rural areas of the south in general and of Pakistan in particular with the purpose of promoting the use of this understanding for developing and/or supporting rural development initiatives and programmes; influencing government, donor, media and NGO policies; and for facilitating the necessary human resource development to make this possible.



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Akhter Hameed Khan Centennial Birthday Celebrations Held on 23-10-2014 at National University of Science & Technology....