Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Center (AHKRC) came into existence in 2000, to honor the memory and vision of the great social scientist and development practioner, Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan (1914-1999).

Led by Dr. Sahib’s most beloved and distinguished protégé, Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan, AHKRC was housed within the Institute of Rural Management- National Rural Support Program (IRM-NRSP).

Development will not come from the top

Our Areas of Expertise


Channeling low skills into sustainable income opportunities through connecting women to skill building, information and resources in the public or private sector.


Creating an enabling and informed environment for low literate women and men to make informed health, family planning, nutrition and childhood immunization decisions.


Maximizing the potential of low income urban settlements to become partners in urban prosperity by connecting men and women to employment, income generation, health and learning.

Our Partners